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Hochschule Bremen

International Degree Programme Ship Management

Course duration: 8 semesters including 52 weeks internship on board merchant vessels and bachelor thesis
Degree: Bachelor of Science ( B.Sc., ISSM / Nautik)
Structure: full-time
Tuition fee: no

The international degree programme “Ship Management” at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen is a full-time study programme. The curriculum reflects the provisions of the In¬ternational Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW).
According to the STCW-Convention every student has to spend a minimum of 52 weeks under the supervision of a re¬sponsible person on board a merchant vessel. This is assured by means of two compulsory internships on board seagoing vessels above 500 GT (semester 1 and semester 6).

Elective I: Special Cargo Vessels
Elective II: Maritime Management

Graduates of the international degree programme „Ship Management“ (ISSM) are qualified to directly engage in gainful employment as watchkeeping officers on board ship. On board seagoing vessels the watchkeeping officer is in charge of a navigational watch and responsible for all duties (e.g. navigation, cargo control). After only two to three year’s work experience as watchkeeping officer graduates may apply for the Master Mariner’s certificate of competency at the responsible authority. Therefore graduates of the study pro gramme ISSM are already a few years after graduation in the position to take over command on board a merchant vessel. Graduates of the degree programme ISSM also qualify for employment in related areas at the shore based end of the shipping industry.

Entry Requirements

  • General university or technical college entrance qualification or scholastic assessment test/special admission
  • Internship Contract or alternatively Certificate of Ship Mechanic or 6 month seagoing service as Assistent Navigating Officer

Internship I + II

Internship (two times 26 weeks) on board a merchant vessel, > 500 GT, operating in international trade.

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